Richard Bona

Concerto Richard Bona Band - 25 Novembre 2022 - MilanoBona was born into a family of musicians, which enabled him to start learning music from a young age. His grandfather was a griot – a West African singer of praise and storyteller – and percussionist, and his mother was a singer. At 4 years old, Bona started to play the balafon. At the age of 5, he began performing at his village church. Not being wealthy, Bona made many of his own instruments: including flutes and guitars (with cords strung over an old motorcycle tank). His talent was quickly noticed, and he was often invited to perform at festivals and ceremonies. See for more.


Ekwa Mwato

Laka M’ba


One Minute

Please Don’t Stop

Teen Town

O Sen Sen

Lokua Kanza

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