Years of Rice and Salt

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Years of Rice and Salt bandUK band YEARS OF RICE AND SALT was formed in 2008 by Julian Keenaghan (guitars, vocals), George Taylor (guitars, glockenspiel, ebow), Alex Parish (bass) and Milo Marsei (drums, vocals). They releaed the EP “Service Bell” in January 2009. Later that year Steve Packe (keyboards, trumpet) and Agata Kubiak (violin) joined, and this six person strong unit recorded and released their debut album “Nothing of Cities” in 2011. Years of Rice and Salt’s brand of post rock have been compared to the likes of Explosions in the Sky. See for more.

Eskimo Kiss


Occasional Flashes of Warmth


[Rearranging] Deckchairs

Amongst Your Earthiest Words The Angels Stray



Nothing Of Cities

Splendid Isolation



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