Osi and the Jupiter

Osi and the Jupiter Discuss Their New Album's Immersively Dark ...Osi and the Jupiter are a neo-folk band from Kent, Ohio, United States, consisting of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sean Kratz and celloist Kakaphonix. The band is named after Kratz’s two German Shepherd dogs, Osiris and Jupiter.] They formed in 2015 and have put out five releases including 2016’s Halls of the Wolf, 2020’s Appalachia and 2021’s Stave. They have released multiple records through German underground folk and metal label Eisenwald, including a collaboration album, Songs of Origin and Spirit, with other bands on the label. See for more.




Empty Moons


Nordlige Eik Tre

Much Wisdom Is Such Grief



Ulv Kult

The White Elk

Where the Wolves Dwell

Hall Of The Wolf 2016 Full Album

Uthuling Hyl 2017 Full Album

Stave 2020 Full Album

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