The Barr Brothers

The Barr Brothers On World Cafe : World Cafe : NPRThe Barr Brothers is an indie folk band founded in Montreal, Quebec in 2006, consisting of two American brothers Andrew (drums, percussion, vocals, keyboards) and Brad Barr (guitar, vocals), as well as bassist Morgan Moore, pedal steel guitarist Brett Lanier, and harpist Eveline Gregoire-Rousseau. Originally from Providence, RI, Brad and Andrew Barr moved to Montreal from Boston, MA in 2005, after a decade of touring and recording as two-thirds of the trio The Slip. That group was noted for its approach to long-form, live Improvisation and was equally considered part of the Jam band and Experimental music scenes. See for more.

Half Crazy

Maybe Someday

Deacon’s Son

Give the Devil Back His Heart

You Would Have to Lose Your Mind


Beggar in the Morning

Even the Darkness Has Arms

Red Moth Solar Companion

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