Vespero | ArtistInfoFormed in Astrakhan, South Russia in 2003. VESPERO got together as a quartet (Arkady Fedotov – vocals, bass, flute, synths; Valentin Rulev – violin, synths; Ivan Fedotov – drums, percussion; Alexander Kuzovlev – guitar, bass, synths) in Astrakhan (south of Russia) 2003 on the common interest in playing psychedelic music. Later Natalya Tjurina (vocals) joined, and the band moved into more progressive rock-related areas. As their Moscow fellows KAFTAN SMEKHA, VESPERO are deeply influenced by avant theatre and experimental poetry. Since the very first demos their sound has been influenced by GONG, early FLOYD, FAUST and related bands from that era. Highly recommended for all fans of these (and beyond!). See for more.


Myth of Uqbar




The Emanation of the Giant Albion

Al Dafirah


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