Afbeeldingsresultaat voor can the bandCan was a German experimental rock band formed in Cologne, West Germany in 1968 by the core quartet of Holger Czukay (bass), Irmin Schmidt (keyboards), Michael Karoli (guitar), and Jaki Liebezeit (drums). The group cycled through several vocalists, including Malcolm Mooney (’68–70) and Damo Suzuki (’70–73), as well as various temporary members. Drawing from backgrounds in the avant-garde and jazz, Can incorporated minimalist, electronic, and world music elements into their often psychedelic and funk-inflected music. See for more.

Future Days


Mother Sky

Spoon Live


Tape Kebab


Ege Bamyasi

Vernal Equinox

Dizzy Dizzy


(Oh Yea)


Monster Movie 1969 Full Album

Tago Mago 1971 Full Album

Future Days 1973 Full Album

The Peel Sessions 1995 Full Album

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