Judee Sill

American singer songwriter Judee Sill poses for a portrait on... Nieuwsfoto's - Getty ImagesOne night in 1971, J.D. Souther stopped by a small club on Melrose Avenue at the urging of David Geffen. “I was just complaining about how stupid most pop artists are and how most songwriting doesn’t really get much beneath the surface,” Souther, who co-wrote several of the Eagles’ biggest hits, recalls with a laugh. “And he said, ‘Go see this girl I just signed, Judee Sill.’” Souther found a seat in the crowd, and placed his eyes on a 27-year-old musician with long honey-blond hair and round wire-rim eyeglasses holding an acoustic guitar. Someone in the audience yelled out a request for Judy Collins’ “Both Sides Now.” “First of all, Judy Collins didn’t write the song, get that straight,” she curtly replied. “Second of all, if you want to hear her sing it, what are you doing here?” Souther was blown away: “I thought, ‘Wow, I must know this woman.’” See for more.

Jesus Was A Cross Maker – 1971

I’m Over

The Kiss

Crayon Angels 1971

That’s The Spirit

Down Where the Valleys are Low

& Tommy Peltier – Chariot of Astral Light

The Pearl

Soldier of the Heart


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