Anamor - discography, line-up, biography, interviews, photosFounded in Płock, Poland in 1995. When considering the beginings of ANAMOR one has to go back to 1995 when four Płock citizens conceived a band to accompany some occasionally met vocalists (like a laureate of Idol TV programme Bartek Horn). At this time the members of the band were: Roman Kusy (bass), Marek Misiak (guitar), Jerzy Misiak (drums) and Cezary Szczerbak (keyboards).
In spring ’96 the band was joined by playing the 12-string guitar Tomasz Rychlicki and the first true vocalist Dominika Owsik. This lineup gave its debut concert on 01.06.1996. The band appeared on a couple of concerts in the summer and won the first prize on “Jesienne Spotkania z Muzyką” in Sierpc in November. mainly soft rock with notable progressive influences. See for more.

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