Epitaph - Bands A-Z - Rockpalast - Fernsehen - WDREpitaph is a German rock band, formed in Dortmund in 1969. Playing initially what Allmusic described as “post-psych progressive rock, spiced with occasional jazz accents and widespread twin-guitar harmonies,” in 1973 they started shifting towards more straightforward hard rock (later heavy metal) stylings and, having released six studio albums, disbanded in 1982. In 2000 Epitaph reunited and several new releases followed, including two studio albums (Remember the Daze, 2005, and Dancing With Ghosts, 2009). See for more.

Early Morning

Outside the Law

Big City

Tequila Shuffle

Ride the Storm


Changing World

I’m Trying

Return to Reality

Stop, Look & Listen

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