Dawn Chorus Ignites

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Dawn Chorus IgnitesDawn Chorus Ignites create some of the finest progressive instrumental guitar based music… swirling, dynamic, emotional… sometimes gentle… sometimes ferocious – always evocative and challenging. Expect the unexpected in their music as boundaries are visited and then walked over with all the authority of a  marching army.
Dawn (dawn). The first appearance of light, The beginning of something, especially a period of time or history. Sunrise, morning, life, new day.
Chorus (káwress). Melody, music, song – loud sound, especially from a number of different sources. A group of people who appear together as a unit in a performance. See for more.

Black Tree

Hear the Echo


Take Me With You

Black Tree

The Hatch

Stop… Jump… Glide!

Frozen Skies

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