Black Bonzo

Black Bonzo Sound of the Apocalypse | Exclaim!Formed in Skellefteå, Sweden in 2003 – Disbanded in 2011
From the ashes of Swedish hard rockers The GYPSY SONS OF MAGIC, BLACK BONZO rose again as an art prog band by adding depth to their sound through the use of mellotron, piano and Hammond organ. The intense drumming, the intricate guitar work, the firm but steady bass lines, the complex song structures, the overall pomp and their vocalist (who sounds like David Byron resurrected) all spell URIAH HEEP, big time. Their album, “Lady of the Light” (2004) is filled with 70s pomp reminiscent of A.C.T. mixed in with early KANSAS and a bit of QUEEN. The classy arrangements and harmonies, the heavy organ, the impressive guitar work and the Byron-like vocals may sound all too familiar to HEEP fans, but these guys do what they do extremely well, with just enough personal touches to remind you they’re not the HEEP. See for more.

War Machine

These Are Days of Sorrow

Supersonic Man

Yesterday’s Friends

Lady of the Light

Where the River Meets the Sea

Sound Of The Apocalypse


Thorns Upon a Crown

Brave Young Soldier

Supersonic Man, 2009

Giant Games

Sound of the Apocalypse – Full Album

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