Agnes Strange

Valvulado: Agnes Strange - Blues Rock (UK)Agnes Strange, a hard rock/blues band based in Southampton, Hampshire, England, formed in the mid-70s and quickly acquired a recording contract with Birds Nest Records – an affiliate label distributed by Pye Records. Comprising Alan Green (bass), Dave Rodwell (drums) and John Westwood (guitar, vocals), they made their debut in 1975 with Strange Flavour, a perfunctory but expertly played collection of original rock songs that failed to bring them to the attention of the mainstream. They broke up shortly thereafter, though members of the band remained active on the Hampshire club scene. See for more.

Strange Flavour



Dust In The Sunlight

Odd Man Out

Loved One


Theme For A Dream

Messin’ Around

Children of the Absurd

Theme for a Dream 1974* (full album)

Strange Flavour 1975 Full Album

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