Simon McBride

McBride started playing the guitar when he was ten. By age 15 he entered Guitarist Magazine’s Young Guitarist of The Year, a performance competition staged that year atWembley Conference Centre, which he won. Less than a year later, a few months after his sixteenth birthday, McBride was recruited by the Belfast-based metal band Sweet Savage, which reformed in 1994 without their founding guitarist, Vivian Campbell (DioDef Leppard), who McBride replaced. He toured with the band and recorded two albums, Killing Time 1996 and Rune 1998. After leaving Sweet Savage in 1998, he joined fellow Irishman Andrew Strong, who made his name in the 1991 cult film The Commitments and went on to establish a singing career. Playing with Strong was in stark contrast to Sweet Savage, involving mostly of soul, R&B and some pop songs. The change of musical style was a useful learning experience and closer in style to the rock and blues artists that had inspired McBride to start playing the guitar. He spent six years touring with Strong before leaving to pursue the idea of a solo career. Klik hier voor meer informatie.

One More Try


Dead Man Walking

So Much Love To Give

So Much Love

Down To The River

So Much Love To Give

rich man falling

Simon McBride on the Joe Satriani Tour in Colston Hall Bristol

Down To The Wire

The Power Of Soul Live

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