The Skys

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor The Skys bandThe Skys are a Lithuanian classic/prog rock band, established on 10 November 1995. During its years of existence the band released four albums: “Civilized” (1997), “Dreams” (1999), “Postmodern Game” (2004) and “Colours of the Desert” (2011). Many of The Skys’ songs have been played on radio and TV. In 1996 the song “One Saturday of The Spring” reached the radio station “Laisvoji banga” charts where it reached No 1 for almost two months (April). In 1999 the song “Virtual Reality” was filmed on National TV for music telecast “Muzikinis viesbutis”. As guests The Skys performed at “Buk Artistas” TV Show. In 2004 The Skys performed at Lithuanian Top 10 on National TV. See for more.

Calling Out Your Name

When The Western Wind Blows

The Wings of the Night

Walking Alone

The Rain

Virtual Reality


The Guardian of the Water Tower

What If

Is This the Way?

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