Afbeeldingsresultaat voor alcest bandAlcest is a French blackgaze and post-metal band from Bagnols-sur-Cèze, founded and led by Neige (Stéphane Paut).[10] It began in 2000 as a black metal solo project by Neige, soon a trio, but following the release of their first demo in 2001, band members Aegnor and Argoth left the band, leaving Neige as the sole member. In 2009 drummer Winterhalter from Les Discrets (and formerly Peste Noire) joined Alcest’s line-up, after eight years with Neige as the sole full-time member. Since its creation, Alcest has released six studio albums and a number of EPs and split releases. See for more.

Sur L’Ocean Couleur De Fer

Souvenirs D’un Autre Monde

Là Où Naissent Les Couleurs Nouvelles

Summer’s glory

Autre Temps



L’île des morts

Spiritual Instinct

Percées de Lumiére

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