Liquid Tension Experiment

Liquid Tension Experiment Lyrics | 29 Songs Lyrics | Metal KingdomLiquid Tension Experiment (LTE) is an American instrumental progressive metal supergroup, founded by Mike Portnoy, Dream Theater’s drummer, in 1997. The band has released two albums through Magna Carta Records. A third album, with the absence of John Petrucci was released in 2007 under the name “Liquid Trio Experiment”. A live album with the absence of Jordan Rudess (mostly) was released in 2009 under the name “Liquid Trio Experiment 2”. Three live albums and two videos were released in 2009 by the complete band. See for more.

The Passage of Time

Kindred Spirits


When the Water Breaks


Acid Rain

Paradigm Shift

Rhapsody in Blue

Universal Mind

Another Dimension

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