Asia Minor

ProgPedia: Asia Minor, Symphonic Prog, TurkeyASIA MINOR is a Franco-Turkish progressive rock band, led by two Turkish musicians who settled in Paris as students back in the 70’s: Setrak BAKIREL (vocals & guitar) and Eril TEKELI (flute & guitar). They were quickly joined by Lionel BELTRAMI (drums & percussions), followed by Robert KEMPLER (keyboards & bass) 2 years later. Their early music revealed influences such as KING CRIMSON’s “In The Court Of The Crimson King”, JETHRO TULL’s “Stand Up”, CAMEL, FOCUS, or JADE WARRIOR’s first albums. Their brilliant Progressive Rock is deeply mixed with rhythms and atmospheres from traditional Turkey’s music. “Crossing the Line” (1979) and “Between Flesh and Divine” (1980) are generally considered as some of the best international successes for the genre.  See for more.


Oriental Game


Radyo Hatırası

Without stir


Mahzun Gözler

Lost In A Dream Yell

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