Nir Hermelin

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Nir HermelinHe’s lived in a few places, travelled, studied mainstream, studied again, worked in corporate and with start-ups, but its time to focus a little more on the music…Born in Israel, to a Ukrainian-born mother and Egyptian-born Father, Nir moved with his family to Durban, South Africa when he was five. It took him five years of piano playing to realise that he actually wants to play guitar. After that, six years of classical training, three years of rock and one of jazz combine to produce his current playing technique. He completed the 1st year of a Music degree, and rejected a scholarship to study at Berklee School of Music – opting for an alternate career . See for more,

Europa – Santana – Acoustic Guitar Solo

Lullaby Story – Nir Hermelin – Nylon String Stories

Honey Pie – Beatles – Guitar

Lullaby Story – Nir Hermelin – Nylon String Stories

BlackBird – (The Beatles) – Guitar

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