Pymlico Discography | DiscogsPymlico is an instrumental band from Oslo, Norway, led by composer and drummer Arild Brøter. The band mainly plays what has been described as a mix between progressive rock and fusion. However, their music also offers catchy hooks and singable melodies associated with pop music, alongside grandiose themes more in the vein of movie sound tracks. This combination of genres and a high level of musicianship gives the band it’s distinctive sound. Pymlico was founded as a creative outlet for Arild Brøter in 2009. This led to three album releases: Inspirations (2011), Directions (2012) and Guiding Light (2014). The albums were made with a massive support of guest musicians, and they all received positive feedback and favourable reviews in the international progrock society. With a growing desire to perform the music live, Arild gathered a smaller band to do concerts – this eventually became the band Pymlico as we see today. See for more.

Breaking Protocol

Partners In Crime

Tofana 10am

Second Rate Punk

Recording Gabagool


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Wide Awake

Nightscape Full Album

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