John G. Perry

John G. Perry on "Sunset Wading" - YouTubeJohn G. Perry (born 19 January 1947 in Auburn, New York, United States) is a British bass guitarist and singer. He was born in the U.S. to British parents and when he was young, the family moved back to England. Perry’s first band of note was Gringo, originally called Utopia, which released an eponymous album in 1971, with future Sailor drummer Henry Marsh. A brief stint touring with Spreadeagle followed until Perry was asked to join Caravan, with whom Gringo had done a UK tour. He played with Caravan in 1973-74, with whom he recorded one studio album For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night (1973), and one live album Caravan and the New Symphonia (1974). He also appears on various collections of BBC radio recordings released in subsequent years. See for more.

A Rhythmic Stroll

How Goes The Night?

The Lockheed Lizard



As Clouds Gather


Birds And Small Furry Beasts

Sunset Wading (Original 1976 Album)

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