Steely Dan

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor steely danSteely Dan is an American jazz-oriented pop group around the musicians and composers Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. The history of the band can be divided into three periods. The first period is that of a conventional pop group that toured and recorded records from 1972 to 1974, consisting of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen among others. In the subsequent period, which lasted until 1980, Steely Dan consisted exclusively of Becker and Fagen and recorded only records in the studio, with the help of session musicians including Michael McDonald and Jeff Porcaro (Toto). The band was particularly popular in the United States where they were compared by music critics with, among others, The Beatles. In the 1990s, Becker and Fagen came together again to the surprise of many. They formed a new Steely Dan that regularly performs and has released live and studio albums. See for more..

Do It Again


Reelin’ In The Years

Dont Take Me Alive

Cousin Dupree

The Caves of Altamira


King of the World

My Rival

Babylon Sisters

Any Major Dude Will Tell You

Deacon Blues

The Royal Scam


Kid Charlemagne

Glamour Profession

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