cropped-Rob001.jpgThis website is created by loving music and making websites. Please share this site. In addition, I like to share music with others. Two great hobbies that go well together. I have asked various artists if it’s okay that I put their music on my site to share with  others. Surprising was, most responded  enthusiastically. Like Chris Duarte, Ben Poole, Chantel McGregor, James Steele, Henrik Freisschlader, Thomas Blug, Marcus Deml, Jess lewis, Caroline Aiken, Ritchie Kotzen, Ainsley Lister, Kai Sonnhalter,  Rogerio Peixoto, Suntears , Nir Hermelin , Billy D and The Hoodoos , Jon Gomm,  Brock Davisson,  Emil Ernebro,  Hagen Bretschneider, Michael Dowdle, Tommy Schneller, The Rosewood Brothers , Galen Weston , Emanuele Grafitti ,Miche Fambro and Dana Fuchs.   But also Dutch bands like Bert  Hermelink/Toontje Lager, 12BBB, Dicky Greenwood, John F. KlaverMulder en van Gorkum,  Agnesz Anna,  Baer Traa , Chris Helsloot , Tom Veltien ,  G-cool&brothers, Ernst van der Sloot,  Elske De Wall,  Phil Bee’s Freedom. and Leif de Leeuw.
They are fantastic musicians. And i promoot them.  If you like this site, let me know: dikkers@hotmail.nl  The most people who like good music like also good food. Take a look. I have no commercial interest, it’s only to promoot.
dikkers@hotmal.nl for post. Let me now if you like this site.

Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade of Pale, live in Denmark 2006

Pat Metheny – Capture…Chris 1985

The Who – Overture

strong> Carl Orff – O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana