Franco Morone

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor franco moroneFranco Morone, known as the Italian poet of the acoustic guitar, has mesmerized audiences with his technical prowess and intricate tapestry of sound for nearly 30 years. He is a gifted artist who composes and arranges fascinating melodies and performs with extraordinary feeling and sensibility. According to Acoustic Guitar magazine he has one of most identifiable sounds of anyone playing fingerstyle guitar today. His unique arrangements and exquisite touch reinvigorate traditional Celtic and Italian melodies while his original compositions have the evocative power to transport the listener to new and unforgettable places.He is not only a musician with a sensitive tonal vocabulary and a solid knowledge of the craft, but has also made himself a name as a teacher and author of inst
ructional books and videos. Through his teaching and musicological research, Franco has become a reference point for guitarists around the world, both amateur and professional. He has given workshops in Italy and abroad and regularly performs at prestigious festivals in Europe, the United States and Japan. See for more.


Boys of Dulcamara

Flowers from Edinburgh – Celtic

Flowers from Ayako

Running Home

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