Stroszek [Rémi Dumoulin] • Bruno Ruder & Rémi Dumoulin Quintet ...Stroszek were a post-punk/new wave/electronic band from Aberdeen, Scotland, (latterly based in Glasgow). They comprised Richey James Roberto (voice, synth), Leslie Wilcox (guitar, synth, flute, programming), and Douglas Danielio (bass, synth, violin). They released three EPs and a live single; Demo EP (2005), Demonstration EP (2007, self-produced), Manufacturing Consent EP (2008, Fire Exit Records), and Live in Stereo (2008, Threads of Sound). Artrocker described the band as “having fused the power of [The Clash and Joy Division] into an ambitious, inspiring art and aesthetic”. See for more.

Bury the bottle with me

Nighthawks and Underdogs

I’ll keep everything

Secrets of the Earth

Gone by the Fall


a life failure

Stones in my throat

Green Jade

Color of the street

a nightwalk in partille

The Unlucky Ones

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